Customized for Special Applications

Over the past 30 years, EY Technologies has developed a wide range of specialty products serving virtually every phase of industry. These include ultra-high strength fiber for aerospace and defense, electronic fiber for conductive textiles and clothing, high elongation fibers for sporting goods, multi-coated fiber technology for the medical industry and advanced nano-particle hybrid fiber for high value industrial concrete applications.

To make these diverse products a reality, EYT has developed proprietary equipment designs as well as proprietary and patented formulations and processes.

The one thing in common with all of these diverse products and applications is the high level ingenuity and quality the EYT team has become known for over the years.

If you have a new idea for a yarn or textile product, our R&D department will be happy to assist you through the design/development/prototype phase while keeping an eye of production cost realism.

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